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  Times Have Changed    
  There was a time when planning for retirement was a fairly straightforward process; collect from a pension, social security and some personal savings to make it through a retirement that may have lasted only about 10 years.   To compound matters, rising costs of living, healthcare costs, taxes, inflation and market volatility all work to reduce the amount of income available to live on during retirement.
  Since then, planning for retirement has become substantially more complicated. With pensions and lifetime healthcare coverage now a thing of the past, Americans have been forced to become entirely responsible for their own retirement income. Further, longevity has become a significant issue. Medical advances and healthier lifestyles mean that Americans are living longer than ever before.   Time and experience have shown that best way to overcome these challenges is to strike a balance between keeping retirement savings secure while maximizing the amount of income generated from them. Contact one of our representatives and they'll show you how you can secure your retirement while generating income.